FEY Printing Company – Our History

In 1932, Manuel "Manny" Fey purchased the W.F. Huffman Printing Co. in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin for a mere $17,000. At that moment, Fey Publishing Company was born. From a small hot-metal printshop in the 1930's to our modern 100,000 sq. ft., full-service facility of today, much has changed…while much has remained the same. While our technology and equipment is cutting-edge, our commitment to integrity, quality and personal service remains rooted in our desire to do business with friends.

When Donald Gasch purchased the company in 1989, the company was rejuvenated with fresh ideas, strong leadership and visionary direction. In 2010, the company name was subtly changed to Fey Printing, signaling our desire to be known as a full-service commercial printing facility.

From our small town home in Wisconsin, Fey Printing conducts business across the globe, offering digital printing, offset printing, specialty printing, letterpress and bindery services and a complete fulfillment center. While the company has grown and expanded, Fey Printing remains a family-owned business. We value personal relationships, and believe that every moment of service is our chance to make you smile. We’re pretty sure that this is just the way Manny would have wanted it.

FEY Printing Leadership and Management

Our Leadership and Management

Fey Printing is managed by experienced printing professionals with a truly impressive commercial printing track record. Our hands-on approach to management ensures that our managers and employees receive the support and training they need to perform their jobs with precision and pride.

FEY Printing Leadership and Management

    Our Mission

    We have a saying here at Fey Printing that sums up our approach to business. "If the customer isn't smiling, fix it." Success always has and always will depend on the satisfaction of our clients. New technology, bigger and faster presses, highly trained employees and a modern facility are meant to generate one thing: More smiles. If you’re smiling…we’re smiling. How can we make you smile today?

    Our Mission

Our Staff

The quality of good management is evident in every detail of a company. At Fey Printing, our team of managers understands the nuances of every aspect of our business, and is involved on a personal level to ensure that the company’s mission is encouraged, supported and executed every day. Good management is a product of experience, wisdom and a willingness to listen. We are truly grateful for your business and we invite you to contact any member of the management team with ideas for our continued improvement. It’s our job to make sure that our customers always have a reason to smile. How can we make you smile today?

Fey Management
Our sales, estimating and customer service representatives are the most visible members of the Fey Printing team. From the moment you first contact Fey Printing, our sales team will jump into action to earn your confidence, and your business. Once we understand the details of your project, our estimating team will provide you with a concise project quote. We’ll always follow-up to ensure that we didn’t miss any important details, and to convey our gratitude for the opportunity to be of service. Our customer service team is always there to answer questions, and direct any specific needs or inquiries to the most appropriate team member. We never forget that our customers have provided us with more than 75 years of success. We’re here for you. How can we make you smile today?

Fey Sales Team

Printing Responsibly

Environmentally responsible printing continues to be at the forefront of what we do. Ten years ago, we eliminated the use of isopropyl alcohol. Today, we use eco-friendly inks as well as recycled papers that are high in post-consumer waste. Additionally, Fey Publishing has been FSC® certified since 2004.

Going Green with FEY