What does it mean to be involved in the community? For Fey Printing, it means investing in the people, organizations and businesses that help keep our communities strong and vibrant. It’s about empowering people by providing opportunities to grow, change and give back.

Opportunity Development Center:

Giving back is good business. At the core of our community outreach is our relationship with Opportunity Development Center (ODC). Since the early 1970’s, Fey Printing has employed from 40-120 people to work on various assembly projects through ODC. Employing people with various disabilities, ODC is a non-profit organization that provides employment to individuals that might otherwise have a barrier to employment. Fey Printing is ODC’s largest customer, making it possible for ODC to provide excellent training and work opportunities for many people.

The Arts

The performing arts are the spirit and soul of our communities. Fey Printing believes in the power of the arts to transform lives. Our support of the arts extends deep into our company history. Fey Printing is proud to donate printing services to several performing arts organizations, and encourages employees to be involved in community arts events and productions.


Community Business

Wisconsin Rapids is more than just our place of business. It’s our home. We support local businesses every day through strong partnerships that create opportunity and build new jobs. We are active members of several local business and civic organizations, and we encourage our employees and vendors to do their part to support local businesses on a daily basis. As a local business, we welcome the opportunity to serve the needs of other local businesses throughout central Wisconsin.


Our Values

While Fey Printing does business across the nation and around the globe, at our core, we are a family business with traditional business values. What does that mean?

It means that we believe in acting and living with honesty and integrity. We value open communication, and operate our business with a deep respect for people. This respect guides us to act with kindness and consideration. We believe in hard work, and in giving more than we receive. We believe in providing personal service that treats our customers as friends, not numbers. We believe in teamwork, and expect every employee to give their best, so that we in turn, can give our very best to our customers. We believe in gratitude, and we dedicate ourselves to expressing this gratitude to our team members, customers and the communities where we live and work. Our mission is to make you smile. How can we make you smile today?