Our History

1926: W.F. Huffman Printing Company founded.
This company would later become the Fey Publishing Company.

1932: Manuel (Manny) R. Fey purchases W. F. Huffman Printing Company for $17,000 and renames company "The Fey Publishing Company." Company refocuses efforts from magazine publishing to commercial printing.

Interesting Facts: In 1932, the Empire State Building was only one year old; Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the US and the Atlantic; and the Great Depression reaches a low point with massive bank closings and 12 million unemployed.

1943: Fey Publishing installs first offset press.
Press Operation Rate: $4.00 per hour. World War II looms heavy in the minds of all Americans. Fey Printing contributes to war effort by printing forms for American munitions suppliers.

1947: Fey Publishing expands to include a receiving area and a freight elevator.

1949: W.F. Huffman passes away from a sudden heart attack

1955: Fey Publishing expands to include 9,000 square feet of bindery space.

Late 1950’s: The Fey Publishing Company logo was designed by Alan Thomas.
The logo represents a lithographic stone. Note: The concept of lithography was invented by a Bavarian author near the end of the 18th century, naming a process that was first used by the ancient Greeks. The Greek word for stone is "lithos." Lithography is the process of using a carved graphic stone to make printing impressions.

1961: Manny Fey suffers a stroke and leaves the company to recover.
Manny’s brother Frank Fey is appointed President and acting manager of the company.

1965: Manny Fey passes away at the age of 60.

1966: Fey Publishing expands with an additional 10,000 square feet to expand the bindery and relocate the letterpress department.

1970: Fey Publishing installs first 4-color offset press: Harris-Seybold model-438A for $274,300.

1975: Donald Gasch is appointed President of Fey Publishing Company.
Frank Fey is named CEO, and will hold this position for 14 years.

1989: Donald Gasch purchases Fey Publishing Company.
Donald is quoted as saying "I intend to continue Fey Publishing Company’s 70 years of quality service and products. Our employees have always taken pride in their many contributions to our nation’s printing needs." Frank Fey commented, "I sold the company to make sure it remained locally owned and an independent company."

1989: Donald Gasch’s two sons, Keith and Scott join Fey Publishing.
Keith began his duties as a bindery supervisor. Scott joined the company as a sales representative.

1995: Fey Publishing purchases 8.18 acres of land in Wisconsin Rapids West Side Industrial Park and breaks ground on a new 75,000 square foot facility.

1996: Scott Gasch is appointed President of Fey Publishing.
Keith Gasch accepts role of company Vice-President. Donald Gasch continues his role as company CEO.

1998: Fey Publishing expands with 25,000 square foot addition and 4,250 square foot office building.

1998: Fey Publishing Company is named "Small Business of the Year" by the Wisconsin Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

2000: Fey Publishing purchases new Mitsubishi 3F 6-color press with aqueous-coating tower, greatly expanding the company’s service capabilities.

2004: Continuing the family tradition, Scott’s son Kristopher Gasch joined the company as a sales representative, representing the third generation of the Gasch family to be involved in the business.

2010: Fey Publishing purchases the new HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press, ushering in a new era of advanced digital printing technology.

2010: In a move that signals the company’s new direction as a global commercial printing firm, the company name is changed from Fey Publishing Company to Fey Printing.

2010: A new Fey Printing company logo is developed to update the original company logo designed in the late 1950’s.

Printing Responsibly

Environmentally responsible printing continues to be at the forefront of what we do. Ten years ago, we eliminated the use of isopropyl alcohol. Today, we use eco-friendly inks as well as recycled papers that are high in post-consumer waste. Additionally, Fey Printing has been FSC® certified since 2004.

Going Green with FEY