Our Management Philosophy

At Fey Printing, we believe in leading by example. We believe in creating an environment that welcomes the free exchange of ideas, and allows every team member to contribute to the company’s success.

Our management team brings an unmatched level of printing industry experience, along with a clear vision and direction that inspires and encourages every employee to give their very best. We believe in meeting challenges with positive solutions, and we always do our best to confront difficulties with optimism and a dash of wisdom. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by the best team of printing professionals in the industry, who have helped us understand one key lesson. If you want to be the best, surround yourself with the best.


More About FEY Printing

FEY Printing Management Team

We’d like to introduce you to the Fey Printing management team, and share what makes each one of them smile!


Donald H. Gasch

Donald H. Gasch, CEO

What makes me smile?
Seeing Fey Printing a vibrant and
successful company after 79 years…
which is also my age.
Email: don@feyprinting.com

Scott C. Gasch

Scott C. Gasch, President

What makes me smile?
The smell of ink on paper, fresh cut wood
in my workshop, fall days in the woods,
sunrise and sunsets at my cabin, my
grandson’s smile.
Email: scott@feyprinting.com

Keith Gasch

Keith Gasch, Vice President

What makes me smile?
Family & Friends, Going out for a walk in
spring, Driving my 1959 VW Beetle,
Playing with our yellow lab Lucy.
Email: keith@feyprinting.com

Pat Pagel

Pat Pagel, Vice President of

What makes me smile?
My grandchildren, spending time outdoors
hunting and fishing, my 1969 SS Camaro,
family vacations.
Email: pat@feyprinting.com

Pat Pagel

LuAnn Martinson, Human Resources
Manager and Financial Controller

What makes me smile?
Spending time with my grandchildren,
camping with family & friends, my 4 mile
daily walk, scrap booking, watching old
family movies.
Email: luann@feyprinting.com