FEY PrePress: Get it Right The First Time

It all starts with your digital files. We’ll review your artwork and suggest changes to improve the quality and appeal of your project. If you need any changes…no problem. We can make changes to your digital files and send you a proof for accuracy.

Fey Printing offers state of the art prepress capabilities to ensure that every job looks its very best. Our imagesetters are capable of handling complex jobs, so you can be confident in the best output possible.

Whether it's scanning and placing high-resolution images, accurate color separation technology or file creation from scratch, we can handle it. Our prepress staff is always ready to help customers with any application or file problems that arise.

Our digital proofing system quickly and inexpensively produces color accurate proofs from your digital files allowing you to adjust color and content before you go to press.


FEY PrePress Checklist

For trouble-free printing, we recommend following the prepress guidelines below before uploading your project to FEY Printing

  • Create a color proof to check for color quality, spelling and layout.
  • Extend bleed artwork to bleed lines
  • Ensure that important content is within safety margins
  • Check and edit colors
  • Ensure that process colors are CMYK (not RGB)
  • Check that spot colors are converted to CMYK. Define any spot colors.
  • Remove unused color swatches
  • Check and edit fonts
  • Ensure that there are no missing or inactive fonts
  • Check that fonts are styled in their "true" form (in other words, unaltered by artificial "bold" or "italics" options in the application)
  • Ensure that linked graphics are up to date
  • Delete unused elements, elements on the pasteboard, and empty boxes
  • Check layers
  • Make sure that the template layer only contains template elements
  • Template layer is set to non-printing or turned off
  • Artwork layer only contains artwork



FEY PrePress Services

    At Fey Printing, our pre-press services
    are meant to help us get it right the first
    time! Our proofing services allow us to
    preview the final printed product and to
    make changes before we go to print.

For more than seven decades, Fey Printing has provided superior prepress services to small business and large companies alike. From quality four color separations to high resolution scanning, or creating files from scratch, Fey Printing offers state-of-the-art equipment and professional service to produce exceptional quality work.

Other Services: Fey Printing also offers scanning and auto trapping services.

Fey PrePress Services to find out more about our PrePress Services.