The FEY Printing Team

Since the day we opened our doors more than 75 years ago, we have been privileged to work with some of the finest print industry professionals around. We’re so fortunate that they have chosen to make Fey Printing their home. While every employee contributes in their own unique way, we all share a deep pride and passion for being a part of the Fey Printing team. From one end of the business to the other; from the people who receive your calls to the people who box and ship your completed work, our prepress team, press operators, sales representatives, custodial staff, administrators, management and everyone in between; each and every one of our dedicated professionals is focused on making you smile.

We’d like to introduce you to our team along with a little something that makes each of us smile.


Sales Team

Scott Gasch

Scott Gasch, President
Phone: 715-422-4810

What makes me smile?
The smell of ink on paper, fresh cut wood in my workshop, fall days in the woods, sunrise and sunsets at my cabin, my grandson’s smile.


Keith Gasch

Keith Gasch, Vice President
Phone: 715-422-4834

What makes me smile?
Family & friends, going out for a walk in spring, driving my 1959 VW Beetle, playing with our yellow lab Lucy.


Linda Wyngaard

Linda Wyngaard, Sales Representative
Phone: 715-422-4820

What makes me smile?
Florida sunsets, working out, vacationing, cooking.


Kristopher Gasch

Kristopher Gasch, Sales Representative
Phone: 715-422-4837

What makes me smile?
Playing piano, motoring in my 1971 Triumph TR6 with the top down, scavenging for mid-century treasures at thrift stores, finding great restaurants while on vacation.


Customer Service

Katie Hartjes

Katie Hartjes, Customer Service
Phone: 715-422-4806

What makes me smile?
My children's laughter, Fridays, and Butterfinger Blizzards.


Julie Ashbeck

Julie Ashbeck, Customer Service
Phone: 715-422-4821

What makes me smile?
Laughter – it's contagious and infectious! Smiling children, fond memories of good times with great friends.

Estimating Team

Werner Gross

Werner Gross, Estimator
Phone: 715-422-4809

What makes me smile?
Music from the 60s and 70s, Rocky Rococo pizza, old Western movies, college basketball, coaching high school basketball, homemade lasagna.


Steve Humphrey

Steve Humphrey, Estimator
Phone: 715-422-4803

What makes me smile?
Stargazing, a relaxing day at the beach, the satisfaction of a job well done, nature’s beauty.

Support Staff

Susan Glinski

Susan Glinski, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 715-422-4812

What makes me smile?
Spending time with family and friends, nature, enjoying a sunrise/sunset.


Kim Wessling

Kim Wessling, Receptionist
Phone: 715-423-2400

What makes me smile?
My children and grandchildren, my dogs, a good campfire, buttered popcorn and a great movie.

The Management Team

At Fey Printing, we believe in leading by example. We believe in creating an environment that welcomes the free exchange of ideas, and allows every team member to contribute to the company’s success. Our management team brings an unmatched level of printing industry experience, along with a clear vision and direction that inspires and encourages every employee to give their very best.

The FEY Management Team