Responsible Printing

What does being a “green” printer really mean? At Fey Printing, “green” printing is more than just printing on recycled paper.

For us, it’s about a commitment to our environment and to our community. We search out the best possible recycled and chlorine free papers and use low-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) inks and soy-based inks when possible. We have invested in energy-efficient computers and equipment, and encourage energy conservation in the office and press areas. Our shipping department researches the most energy-efficient ways to deliver products to minimize gas consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Fey Printing is proud to offer our customers environmentally friendly printing services, without compromising on quality, service and price.

It’s easier than ever to be “green.” Print with Fey Printing and learn how every order saves trees, conserves energy and reduces airborne and water-based toxins. Talk to your Fey Printing sales representative to learn more about our wide variety of eco-friendly printing services. From recycled paper business cards, brochures and sales materials to environmentally friendly direct mail efforts, catalogs and more, Fey Printing is your source for guilt-free, eco-friendly, green printing services.


Fey Printing Environmental Practices:

  • FSC® Certified Since 2004
  • Regular use of recycled paper
  • Use of eco-friendly and soy-based inks
  • Alcohol-free sustainable fountain solutions
  • Environmentally-friendly blanket and roller washes
  • Energy efficient lighting with 60% energy reduction
  • Products and processes that produce little or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Comprehensive recycling of paper, plates, dies and plastics
  • How do you make your printing greener?

    Find out the latest in environmentally-friendly print management.